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The Mission of the HD-TVI Alliance

Since the release of HD-TVI technology in 2014, many manufacturers have adopted this exciting technology.   HD-TVI chipsets are estimated to ship in the millions per month to hundreds of manufacturers worldwide.  However, with the heavy adoption of HD-TVI comes the problem of compatibility and reliability between multiple vendors.  Vendor A's HD-TVI solution may work well with Vendor B's HD-TVI solution but may not work as well with Vendor C's solution.  As a result, the HD-TVI Alliance is formed to help all adopters of HD-TVI conform to one legitimate standard for HD-TVI to insure full compatibility and interoperability in the field.  


The mission of the HD-TVI Alliance is 

1) To insure full compatibility and interoperability for HD-TVI devices. 

2) Strive for new specifications to improve the HD-TVI standard. 

3) Promote the adoption of HD-TVI technology everywhere.



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